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The Congress shall have the power to lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises...
U.S. CONST. art.I, §8, cl.1
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      Productivity gains in your tax practice can be elusive. It often seems that advances in, say, tax software are quickly offset--and even eclipsed--by the growing complexity of client transactions and the tax law itself. Uncertainty in the application of tax rules has advanced to the point where the IRS proposes to have certain business taxpayers disclose and quantify "uncertain tax positions"--a true milestone in the growing tax maze. Impost Research™ helps tax practitioners tame the daunting complexity of tax analysis for business clients while saving time and optimizing client outcomes.

  • Applying more than 28 years of real world experience in tax planning, research, and controversies, as captured in our research process that early on trims the decision tree to its most promising branches.
  • Applying the most efficient communication techniques to deliver a work product as tightly written as it is comprehensive.
  • Concentrating on those subspecialties where our background and expertise are strongest--partnerships, commercial real estate, distressed debt, and state and local tax issues involving pass-through entities.

      You're committed to delivering clear, creative and cost-effective solutions to your clients--Impost Research™ is committed to delivering those solutions to you.